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Emergency Checklist
Emergency Checklist

Disaster can strike without notice. That’s why it is important that you are prepared to respond to an emergency situation. This website is a resource to help provide you basic information so that you are prepared and able to respond accordingly should you ever be faced with a disaster.

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What Is An Emergency Preparedness Plan and What Is Its Purpose?

A plan that is developed in order to handle, stay safe in and eventually survive an emergency situation such as a natural disaster is known as an emergency preparedness plan. Everything that an individual or a group must do in case of an emergency or a natural disaster like an earthquake or a hurricane is covered in this plan. Emergencies can also include chemical contamination or terrorist attacks, which are manmade disasters. All these types of disasters must be covered in any proper emergency preparedness plan.

When an emergency preparedness plan is created, there are many things that need to be considered and included. When creating a preparedness plan for an emergency, the first thing that an individual, group or family has to think about is what they will be doing in case of any disaster or emergency. Where they will go and what they will in case of the occurrence of an emergency situation are some of the things that are supposed to be included in such a plan. For instance, in the occurrence of a tornado, a family can immediately run to the storm cellar.

planOften evacuating their home, school or work becomes necessary for people during certain types of disasters and emergencies. Thus, details of proper and safe evacuation must also be included in a good emergency preparedness plan. Details regarding what will be carried along by everyone during the evacuation also need to be included in this plan. For instance, storing some extra cash, additional prescription medications, ID and medical cards in a secure and easy to reach will allow people to access them instantly in case of evacuation during an emergency.

In case it becomes necessary for the members of a family to evacuate in case of an emergency, and they are not together, then a common meeting place should also be decided and included in the plan too. An emergency situation can even result in the blockage or inaccessibility of a meeting place. In this case, it is best that several different meeting places are decided so the members can gather at another meeting if one or more of them cannot be accessed.

Selecting an out-of-state contact for every family member is also appropriate when an emergency preparedness plan is being created. A list of emergency numbers that can be contacted in case of an emergency situation should also be prepared when creating this plan. Apart from writing the numbers down and storing them in electronic devices, some of them should also be memorized.

Evacuation during certain emergencies or natural disasters is often not in the best interest or might not even be possible. In this case, a list of provisions that will be required to stay in, whether at home or any other place should also be prepared. Emergency supplies will have to be stored in a safe place, beforehand, so that they can be accessed if an emergency or disaster strikes at any moment. Creating an emergency preparedness plan is the best form of guidance for an emergency and to be ready for it.

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